About ANGFA NSW Inc.

ANGFA NSW Inc. is a not for profit association. Our members share interests in the native freshwater fishes from the ancient Gondwana landscapes of Australia and New Guinea.


To promote the exchange of information on all aspects of the care of native fish of Australia and New Guinea.


To foster an interest in the keeping of native fishes of Australia and New Guinea under conditions of captivity.


To promote the propagation of native fishes and in so doing to maintain the integrity of species and local forms.


To undertake systematic habitat surveys to develop a body of knowledge relating to the distribution of native fishes and associated biological and ecological considerations.


To engage in the continuing study of matters relating to the ecology and conservation of native fishes and to inform the community and appropriate agencies of knowledge gained through such investigations.


To support such conservation issues of national and international significance as may be decided on from time to time by the committee.

Our Purpose

ANGFA NSW Inc. encourages members to attend field trips to local and remote waterways to survey habitats and record fish species. Our members are encouraged to keep fish in home aquaria and observe the fishes breeding habits and behaviour, especially those species which may be prone to impending habitat degradation or invasive species inundation.

Species maintenance programs also help protect populations of New Guinea species which can no longer be imported into Australia.

ANGFA NSW Inc. hold a general meeting every second month starting from February and finishing in December, where there is a presentation by a guest speaker followed by general discussion and exchange. These meetings start at 2pm and generally finish by 4:30pm.

Our meeting also provides a trade table for members which offers discounted books, fish foods and equipment. To enable the distribution of fish species and aquatic plants to our members, an auction is held prior to the conclusion of the meeting.